New Title: Killing by Proxy by Alan Stewart

‘Britain’s foremost wildlife detective.’ Scottish Field


Is foxhunting pest control or simply a nice day out for garishly dressed people on horses? What cruelty is involved?

What is happening to the satellite-tagged hen harriers and golden eagles that have disappeared?

Why is evidence obtained by covert surveillance by non-government organisations frequently disallowed by prosecutors or courts?

Should shooting be licensed or should driven grouse shooting simply be banned?

Who are the main people behind raptor persecution?

How can rich landowners avoid prosecution?

With all of these questions is the relevant legislation working?

What, if anything, is being done to improve the situation?


 The author draws on half a century of experience in general policing, CID investigations, specialist wildlife crime investigation and criminal intelligence work to analyse wildlife crimes and incidents occurring right across the UK and reported in the media and on social media. He narrows the range to concentrate on cruelty to wild animals, such as fox hunting, hare coursing and crime committed against badgers. The main part of the book analyses crime associated with game management, especially that relating to intensive driven grouse shooting.


Praise for Alan Stewart’s other books:

 ‘Alan Stewart has been a key figure in the fight against wildlife crime….I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.’  Shooting and Conservation Magazine

 ‘Mr Stewart …is one of the country’s leading authorities on wildlife law. Together it adds up to an enlightening and ultimately heartening read.’  Press and Journal

‘Quite an inspiration.’ BirdGuides

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Alan Stewart is a retired police inspector who, after 6 hours retirement in 1997, went on to be the force wildlife crime officer in a civilian capacity, the first full-time post in Scotland. His interest in wildlife crime stemmed from dealing with salmon and deer poaching cases early in his career, and from an interest in farming, shooting, fishing and the countryside in general. Retiring from this role in 2011, he continued wildlife crime related work as an intelligence officer with the UK National Wildlife Crime Unit, finally retiring in 2015. Alan was presented with several prestigious awards during his policing career, including in 2001 the MBE for services to policing wildlife crime and is the author of  four books on that subject. He lives with his wife, dog, ducks and hens on the edge of a Perthshire village.

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