A Lone Furrow - Alan Stewart

A Lone Furrow - Alan Stewart

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Britain's foremost investigator of wildlife crime returns to the many crime scenes that still cover our countryside to reveal the specialist skills required to gain convictions in crimes against birds and animals - victims that cannot give evidence on their own behalf.

These first-hand accounts of fascinating police investigations show the meticulous work that police wildlife crime officers carry out to try to prepare a case for prosecution, the range of organisations that they can call on to assist, the successes, and of course the frustrations.

With suspects from across the social spectrum, and victims ranging from salmon to seals, guinea pigs to golden eagles, hedgehogs to hares, pearl mussels to peregrines, this book is a unique insight into the enforcement of wildlife law.

The author's most challenging cases in his 45 years of policing are presented in a style that is humorous and easy reading. What emerges throughout this narrative is his life-long love affair with the countryside and its wildlife.