Celtic Minded 4

Celtic Minded 4

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‘Many enjoyable chapters’

The Herald

‘…a riveting read and gives a balanced selection of essays on the story of Celtic FC’

The Irish News

‘A varied collection of writers have explored and articulated what makes Celtic, and its support, distinctive and unique.’

Celtic View

‘…a superb collection of essays … written by an experienced and talented group of individuals … thoroughly recommended.’

Not The View

Over the last 150 years Scotland’s largest immigrant group has been the Irish. Integrating into Scottish society resulted in this multi-generational community giving birth and support to the social and cultural institution of Celtic FC. The contributors to the three previous Celtic Minded books have written in a way that few have been able or willing to in the past. They have challenged many of the stereotypes and prejudices that are embedded in Scottish football and society.

The success of these books is evidenced by the long awaited Celtic Minded 4 – another group of contributors explore these themes in an intelligent and engaging way.