In Freedom's Shadow - Joseph Glackin

In Freedom's Shadow - Joseph Glackin

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In the second of Joseph’s Glackin’s Liberian mysteries, Inspector Gloria is confronted with student riots closely followed by the strange kidnapping and murder of young children. One of the children is the president's grandson and the race to find and rescue him quickly becomes a test of her team's endurance, skill and courage. Pitted against powerful forces who want to destabilise and ultimately overthrow Liberia's first post-war government. Gloria has to face the reality of the country’s fragile democracy.

Forged out of the fire of a brutal civil war, freedom is an illusion for most of Liberia's children who remain pawns in the never-ending struggle for control of this small corner of West Africa. She realises that Liberia's turbulent history of division, conflict and corruption casts a long shadow over every area of life, including her own team, and that there is a high price to be paid for real change. A price not many people are willing to pay.


Praise for Joseph Glackin's first book, A LONE STAR WEEPS:

"It is a dark and compelling crime mystery with a brilliantly fresh main character. Inspector Gloria is an out and out treat: realistic, determined and with a very human sense of humour. Joe Glackin digs deep into the reader's soul and ignites a powerful sense of ethical urgency which is rare in crime fiction, and he harnesses it to create a wonderfully tense and suspenseful read."

- DIANE SETTERFIELD, author of ‘The Thirteenth Tale’ and ‘Bellman and Black’