Stations of the Heart - Eddie Gibbons

Stations of the Heart - Eddie Gibbons

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Eddie Gibbons proclaims a vital function of poetry - love, and condemnation for the condition in which you find yourself. His are perfect moments, in haiku or villanelle, on the shop floor, on the hills or on the tiles.

"A vivid human achievement. 'Portrait of Ana Dali' is one of the best British poems of recent times. A masterpiece."

Les Murray

Eddie Gibbons was born in Liverpool in a previous century, though he isn't saying which. He moved to Aberdeen in 1981.

A founder member of The Lemon Tree Writers and The Dead Good Poets, Aberdeen, his work is widely published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

His poems have been broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, Capital Radio, (London) and Sky Sports. He has given readings in Berlin, Dortmund, London, New York and at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Eddie Gibbons has five full poetry collections published to date: Stations of the Heart, 1999. The Republic of Ted, 2003, and Game On! 2006, Why She Flew to Barcelona 2010 and What They Say About You, Leamington Books, Edinburgh, 2010,which was shortlisted for the Scottish Book of the Year, Poetry Section, 2011.