Wildlife & the Law - Alan Stewart

Wildlife & the Law - Alan Stewart

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In Scotland we have a plethora of legislation protecting a diverse range of animals and plants plus habitats of special interest. Some of the legislation is very old and much of it is very complex.

Wildlife & the Law spells out chapter and verse in an easy-to-follow text and numerous colour photographs.

As well as wildlife law, it includes separate chapters on cruelty to domestic and captive animals, a brief chapter on offences relating to dogs, and one on offences committed against Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

The book, in essence a field guide, is designed in part to help prevent wildlife offences being committed, though where prevention has failed the well-indexed contents should help the reader recognise the offence and respond.

Wildlife and the Law will be an asset to a range of people:

• Police officers, and the staff of other organisations who have some responsibility in the investigation of wildlife crime;

• Countryside rangers, foresters, badger groups, bat groups and others with a professional interest in wildlife issues;

• Landowners, gamekeepers, farmers and pest controllers, who might use traps and snares or control ‘pest’ species in the course of their work;

• Hill walkers, and others who take advantage of the countryside for recreation;

• Property owners, developers or even householders who might have concerns with nesting birds or bat roosts.

“The author deploys his great breadth and depth of specialist knowledge.”

Des Thompson, Scottish Natural Heritage