Wildlife & the Law - Alan Stewart (NEW EDITION)

Wildlife & the Law - Alan Stewart (NEW EDITION)

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A new edition of Wildlife & the Law designed in part to help prevent wildlife offences being committed. It spells out chapter and verse in an easy-to-follow text and numerous colour photographs. As well as wildlife law, the book includes separate chapters on cruelty to domestic and captive animals, a brief chapter on offences relating to dogs, and one on offences committed against Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

‘Britain’s foremost wildlife detective’ – Scottish Field

‘Whether used as a quick reference or to understand wildlife crime's complex legislation, this book is a real aid for any wildlife or rural officer‎.’ - PC Charles Everitt, investigations support officer, UK National Wildlife Crime Unit

‘A great asset not just for those who are following-up potential wildlife crime incidents, but also for any countryside user who wants a better understanding of the laws protecting our fantastic wildlife’ - Ian Thomson, senior investigations officer, RSPB Scotland